• About Anna

    Anna is an author, entrepreneur and radio show producer. She produces and co-hosts Black Belt Selling with Stephanie and also hosts her own award winning show: Sales Mastery.

    Anna has trained small businesses to major corporations (like Chick-Fil-A) and spoken internationally at the Women's Inspire Conference in Ireland.


    She is a third degree black belt and dedicates herself to teaching others to apply the same mindsets and skills that she has learned on her journey to martial arts Master!


    As the MC for The Grow Retreat, Anna works to ensure the experience for our speakers and guests is as seamless and engaging as possible!

  • Want to join us?

    At the Grow Retreat, you'll have the opportunity to not just listen to these speakers, but to mingle with them and make real connections.

    This event is invitation only but we invite you to apply for an invitation below!