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Sales is About Connecting!

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Any speaker who stands between a room of entrepreneurs (who have just sat through 8 hours of content) and an open bar has to have two things: courage and good content!

We found the perfect combination of those things in Larry Levine, who closed out our first day of Grow2020 with a rousing keynote on sales.

Both emotionally and psychologically deep, Larry’s presentation had layers upon layers of details, information, and heart touching stories. At the heart of his talk were five words:

“Sales is about the connection.”​

The Concept:

Larry explained to a rapt audience how true sales is more about the relationship and connection you develop with potential clients, than simply getting their card number.

The entire point of a sale is to create an exchange of value that is profitable on both sides.

Since you (or your sales rep) are the expert on your product, your job is to make a connection with potential clients that helps them trust your knowledge on the subject. When you develop good connections with people, you remove fear as an obstacle to their purchase.

2 Reasons Why

Different is Better

Mike Michalowicz coined the phrase “Different is better.”

What he means by that, is that the marketplace is so full of people who claim to be “better” that no one notices you anymore if you claim to be “Better” (It’s the classic case of: if everyone is better, then no one is!). But our brains are hardwired to notice things that are different. If you can stand out from those around you, you’ll attract attention and actually do better than others.

In other words, you need a differentiator: something that makes you different from other people with a similar product or service.

Right now the marketplace is full of sales reps who don’t create connections. If you can develop a culture of connection in your company, your sales process can actually become your differentiator. Whether your product or service is any “better” than the business up the road, the way you interact with and connect with people will make a difference.

People Are Still Buying

Even in the midst of a pandemic, people are still making purchases.

However, they are being more careful with their money. People have less of it, so they won’t waste it on something that isn’t a sure thing. When you create connection, you help your potential customers to trust you. In helping them to trust you, you make yourself the best option on the marketplace.

People are spending money, but only where they trust they’ll get a good return.

The Key

The big key to making this concept work is remembering that these people aren’t just sales.

They are actual people, just like you and me.

Especially in a time of social distancing, human beings crave connection. So when you connect with people, you aren’t just fulfilling the need for your product or service. You’re helping them fulfill one of their basic human needs, and you’re probably doing the same for yourself. It’s not just a sale, it’s a service.

That is what makes the difference between an average sales rep and a phenomenal one.

About the Author:

Susannah Scheller has been part of the workforce since childhood filling a verity of part-time jobs until she found the world of Social Media, content creation and marketing strategy execution in 2015 and fell in love. Susannah grew up surrounded by successful entrepreneurs and dedicated herself to learning from Stephanie by watching and listening and was rewarded by becoming one of the first permanent hires for Grow Disrupt in 2016 to work directly under Stephanie's coaching & training. Susannah is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Music in Fort Worth, Texas while managing the Social Media & content creation and distribution for Grow Disrupt. Beyond her degree and tutelage under Stephanie, Susannah regularly educates herself with business blogs, books, and by using her sparse moments of free time while running the AV for Grow Disrupt events to learn from the speakers!

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