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The Importance of a Narrow Message...

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At the Grow Retreat this year, Matthew Pollard had some awesome tips for us about marketing.

One of his greatest tips was this:

Speaking to everyone is speaking to no one - plus it's expensive!

In other words, when you're just trying to get your message across to every person that might potentially see it, you're wasting your marketing dollars!

When you create any form of marketing, you have to realize that not everyone is going to purchase from you. That is just a fact. Which means that you should be narrowing your message, and narrowing the number of people you are speaking to. In fact, the more narrow your target market, the better!

For example, if you are selling a pet walking service, you may have done some research and decided that you want to market to everyone who is purchasing from the pet-feed store. But that would be an incorrect assumption. People purchasing from the pet-feed store can range anywhere from an urban poodle-owner to a rancher, and we'd be willing to bet you're not interested in walking a 2 ton cow!

But you get the point. If you're trying to market a pet-walking service to everyone, you're going to be wasting your dollars. So narrow your message, don't try to throw your marketing at every individual who owns an animal.

You'll save yourself marketing dollars, and you'll find your clients more quickly, if you have a narrowed and defined message going out to specific people.

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