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The importance of this decision...

We finally booked the venue...

And I'm pretty sure that my event coordinator thought that I was bat-shit crazy for how picky I was over this! We had a pretty specific budget as well as a long list of requirements. And that didn't really address the "gut-factor."

What's the "gut-factor"?

When I walked up, I could tell in my gut whether or not the place was on the short list.

It's funny, but I couldn't really describe it to my coordinator. She called close to 50 locations as potential venues locally and re-called and re-called to negotiate and we spent HOURS looking at venues online, doing virtual & live tours, and more.

When we finally found our venue, I pretty much picked it the minute we pulled into the driveway. Just driving up the tree-lined and gorgeous manicured setting, I was pretty hooked! When we finally saw the buildings, the loads of parking and the extensive gardens, I was all but salivating and praying the room lived up!

It did and we booked it immediately.

I know! WOAH Steph! Haven't you heard of playing hard to get? Negotiate a bit...

Not when the deal is this good!

One thing I've learned? People who are successful make decisions quickly and move on with their lives. They know what they want and make it happen.

I knew we needed a phenomenal, off-the-norm entrance to set the stage (Because how can I tell people that this is the event for those business owners out there who are different than the rest if we are doing a traditional hotel setting!?), and we've got it.

See you there!

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