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The Key to Increasing Sales:

Eliminate Friction Points

Some people just have incredible energy that they bring everywhere. Jesse Cole, one of our speakers at Grow2020, is one of those people! From his kickoff keynote until the end of the retreat, he was a fount of high-energy enthusiasm that just kept going. With that energy came some sales and marketing insights that were profoundly deep.

When he first talked about “friction points” in sales, I scratched my head a bit (I’m a marketer, so I’d never heard the term before). By the time he finished presenting, I realized this was a huge key to boosting your revenue! identifies friction as “surface resistance” and Jesse described Friction Points as moments, or “points,” of resistance or drag on the sales process.

Examples of friction points are when you have to...

  • Enter your name twice while ordering a product.

  • Scour a website just to find where to order a service/product.

  • Wait more than a day or two for someone to get back with you about a quote on a service you need.

In essence, friction points are anything that forces the client (or potential client) to take unnecessary steps in order to purchase from you; anything that makes the sales process unpleasant or harder for the customer.

Initially, I was thinking “Cool, but how do friction points relate to business growth?” Jesse answered before I’d finished formulating the thought.

Eliminating friction points improves your sales and revenue!

Here’s how…

Smoothing out the sales process for your client

  • Improves your client’s opinion of you and your company, therefore increasing their chance to purchase again AND leading them to make great referrals for you (Because we trust word-of-mouth more than we trust a marketing campaign!).

  • Speeds up the sales process, which makes their purchase quicker and leaves less room for second thoughts or bad impressions.

  • Makes your clients more likely to buy (and to buy again) since buying is an easier process and they are getting the maximum amount of benefit for the least amount of effort.

Eliminating friction points for your clients means that they aren’t just more likely to make a first purchase, it helps lead to recurring revenue streams and opens up entirely new ones!

The examples here are pretty general, because friction points can vary widely from industry to industry. If you can eliminate friction points in the sales process, you’ll see an uptick in your revenue!

Catch our next Grow Retreat Insights article in June to learn how one of our speakers taught us to discover industry specific friction points!

About the Author:

Susannah Scheller has been part of the workforce since childhood filling a verity of part-time jobs until she found the world of Social Media, content creation and marketing strategy execution in 2015 and fell in love. Susannah grew up surrounded by successful entrepreneurs and dedicated herself to learning from Stephanie by watching and listening and was rewarded by becoming one of the first permanent hires for Grow Disrupt in 2016 to work directly under Stephanie's coaching & training. Susannah is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Music in Fort Worth, Texas while managing the Social Media & content creation and distribution for Grow Disrupt. Beyond her degree and tutelage under Stephanie, Susannah regularly educates herself with business blogs, books, and by using her sparse moments of free time while running the AV for Grow Disrupt events to learn from the speakers!

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