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Why Attend a Live Event

In a Pandemic

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The pandemic is a part of everyone’s lives and minds!

Businesses are evolving and pivoting in incredible new ways to match the new requirements for function. The majority of the event industry has moved online, including many of our events. However, we believe some live events are more important than ever right now!

3 Reasons you Should Attend an in-Person Event

Energy in the Room

Although great energy can be designed into an online event, nothing beats the energy of a well-crafted in-person event!

Events like the Grow Retreat where the attendees have been carefully screened result in an energy in the room that just can’t be beat. When everyone in the room is like-minded, we feed off each other’s energy and you don’t have to be the only one in the room jazzed up! Everyone else helps drive each other’s energy higher and higher.

If you get excited about something, you don’t have to worry about driving family members or team members in the office crazy with your excitement: everyone else in the room is just as excited!

Energy in a room is a great way to feel recharged and reinvigorated, which is something that everyone needs right now!

People in the Room

Online networking is possible, but it is far more difficult than in-person networking.

Beyond the struggle of being heard and seen in a chat-room, there is something personal about being able to speak to someone face to face (even if it is through a mask)! Being able to make connections with people and have interaction that involves all of our social cues (most of which are non-verbal, meaning they don’t translate to online networking) is something incredibly important. If you’re looking at attending an in-person event, make sure you can get the kind of networking you want!

If you know the people in the room will be vetted (like at the Grow Retreat), it’s much easier to know if they are the kind of person you’ll WANT to connect with. If the website for the event doesn’t list whether or not attendees are vetted, reach out to the event coordinator and ask.

Good networking is one of the best reasons to attend an in-person event.

Human Connection in the Room

The pandemic has made everyone realize how much we need human connection.

Suicide numbers skyrocketed when quarantines kept everyone separated earlier this year, and it shouldn’t surprise us that we are impacted by solitude! Sure, introverts love and need solitude. But even introverts are subject to one of the greatest human tendencies: the pack-mentality.

Finding and connecting with people who are like-minded and can become part of your tribe is an essential part of being a successful business owner. We simply are not made to go it completely alone. Sure, we can move very quickly when working solo. But we go farther together, and finding people who you can move forward with together is one reason in-person events are more critical than ever.

If you know you’re going to receive all three of these things at an event, book your ticket now!

Because if the event has all three of these aspects, it’s well worth it to bring yourself to a live event! Remember that life is continuing to move forward regardless of the pandemic, and attending solid live-events can help you keep the momentum going in your business.

Ultimately the decision to attend a live-event is yours and yours alone. So if you’re considering attending a live-event, make sure you take all the different aspects of the event into consideration before booking your ticket!

About the Author:

Susannah Scheller has been part of the workforce since childhood filling a verity of part-time jobs until she found the world of Social Media, content creation and marketing strategy execution in 2015 and fell in love. Susannah grew up surrounded by successful entrepreneurs and dedicated herself to learning from Stephanie by watching and listening and was rewarded by becoming one of the first permanent hires for Grow Disrupt in 2016 to work directly under Stephanie's coaching & training. Susannah is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Music in Fort Worth, Texas while managing the Social Media & content creation and distribution for Grow Disrupt. Beyond her degree and tutelage under Stephanie, Susannah regularly educates herself with business blogs, books, and by using her sparse moments of free time while running the AV for Grow Disrupt events to learn from the speakers!

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