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Why You Should Attend

A Business Retreat

And why that retreat should be the Grow Retreat

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There are a lot of ways to grow your business! You can get a business coach to help you through rough spots in your business, an online subscription for regular new content to implement, or read some great growth books.

With all the new, inexpensive, ways to help grow your business it begs the question:

are business retreats and conferences a thing of the past?

We would argue: Not at all! There are some things that you just can’t get from having a business coach, online subscription, or reading the latest business-growth book. Here’s a few of them...


Sure, you can take a day off of your business. But are you really going to focus when there is nothing forcing you to let go of the reins for a day?

With an all-day business retreat, you get time to completely take your hands out of the day-to-day grind and refresh yourself on your company’s goals and the road to get there. And it’s especially helpful if the retreat has meals and snacks covered so that you’re not thinking about what you’re going to have after the current speaker is done with their session.

Going to a retreat isn’t just about the great ideas and plans, but it’s also about the immersive experience of getting away from your business and refreshing your growth-mindset for the next year.

New Ideas

We all know the struggle of a small business owner. You’re pulling 12 to 15 hour days and then at the end of the day realize that you need to work on whatever is the next idea to grow your business, when all you want to do is hit the hay.

Let’s be honest, coming up with good ideas is really exhausting. Especially on top of your regular work-load.

That’s why business retreats can be so helpful. When you attend a well-designed retreat, it gives you a chance to take a breather and focus on creating ideas while you’re refreshed. Plus, if your retreat has an awesome speaker lineup, it’s likely you’ll be able to take the ideas they have tested and proven and directly apply it to your own business. And even if you can’t apply it directly, you still have that space of refreshing to see how to modify and apply that idea to your business.


This is a struggle for so many business owners because new ideas are great, but useless if you don’t have the time to figure out how to implement them. Going to a well-designed retreat that gets you away from your business, offers you time to start developing ways to implement those awesome ideas you’ve got.

An added bonus to this is that if you’re attending a retreat that gives you access to the speakers or workshops with the speakers, then you’ve got both the time to work on it and a veteran mind to help you figure out the best process for an action-plan in your business.

It has to be Good…

The caveat to all this is that you have to find a well-crafted retreat designed with your experience in mind in order to get all these things out of a retreat.

Unfortunately those kinds of retreats can be hard to find, which is exactly the reason that Stephanie sparked the idea for the Grow Retreat when we started this. And it’s exactly the reason that we make sure you have access to all of these concepts at the Grow Retreat.

If you’re interested in attending the upcoming Grow Retreat in January, book your interview here! It’s an interview/invitation only retreat so as to make sure only the best minds are in the room with you, and we’d love to set up an interview to see if you’re a good fit for the room!

About the Author:

Susannah Scheller has been part of the workforce since childhood filling a verity of part-time jobs until she found the world of Social Media, content creation and marketing strategy execution in 2015 and fell in love. Susannah grew up surrounded by successful entrepreneurs and dedicated herself to learning from Stephanie by watching and listening and was rewarded by becoming one of the first permanent hires for Grow Disrupt in 2016 to work directly under Stephanie's coaching & training. Susannah is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Music in Fort Worth, Texas while managing the Social Media & content creation and distribution for Grow Disrupt. Beyond her degree and tutelage under Stephanie, Susannah regularly educates herself with business blogs, books, and by using her sparse moments of free time while running the AV for Grow Disrupt events to learn from the speakers!

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