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Why Your Website Can Be Your Best Salesperson

Most companies have a website. But for most companies, it's that obligatory thing that you've thrown up online because people don't believe you exist anymore unless you have a website.

But your website can be so much more!

In fact, at the 2019 Grow Retreat, Nigel Green got up on stage and claimed that it can be your best sales rep!

If you're like most people, you're looking at that quote and rolling your eyes. After all, your website isn't a person! But Nigel has made it happen, and he has created the single most profitable online sales funnel in history.

One of the things that Nigel explained, is that the characteristics you see in your best sales reps are the characteristics you should build into your website. A few traits of the absolute best sales reps are that they are quick connectors, empathetic listeners, consistent, ask good questions, and they actually ask for the business. And Nigel pointed out that we can build all of those things into our own websites with good contact questions (Be more specific than just "What did you think of our website?"!), empathetic design and copy (Know what keeps your customers up at night and how your business can solve that, then put it into your website!), and persistence (Make sure your website is all over your ideal customer's website, most sales aren't made until the 5th or 12th touch!).

Plus, one of the best things about your website? It never has to take a vacation or sleep!

So if you build your website right, you can be making sales while you're sleeping!

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