• Brief Overview

    • Published in Inc., Inside Supply Management, Mass High Tech, and others

    • Co-authored, Third-Party Contracts in M&A:  Identifying and Managing Common Implication

    • Author of Why Not Ask? A Conversation about Getting More - that boasts a forward by Jillian Michaels!

    • Spoken at numerous companies throughout the world and in various sectors including financial services, oil & gas, telecommunications, software, hardware, healthcare, and more 

    • Spoken at conferences including Harvard Business School’s Dynamic Women in Business, Institute for Supply Management’s satellite seminar program, and Providence Business Expo

    The Not-So-Brief Version

    Christine has an unconventional and unique story that led her from her childhood home in rural Montana to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY where she earned a BS in Business. From there, she took her first corporate role at Bell Atlantic (now Verizon). It was in her second job at Bell Atlantic there where she first understood her passion for negotiating complex business relationships. Christine led various deals including multiple privatization deals in Eastern and Western Europe as well as negotiating key strategic alliances in Southeast Asia.


    After finishing her MBA at Harvard University, she worked for Deloitte Consulting where she spent. Working extensively with procurement and IT departments going through mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures, Christine developed a program that helped her global clients secure contract transfer rights and helped negotiate with her clients’ many critical suppliers. She has negotiated across many aspects of technology from software, hardware manufacturing, SaaS, and telecommunications.


    Over the course of her 25-year career, Christine has negotiated with nearly half of the Fortune 500. Christine launched Venn Negotiation as a result of seeing so many smaller start-up companies being taken advantage of by larger organizations, especially in the IT industry. She is passionate about finding common ground, levelling the playing field, and resolving complex issues on behalf of her clients. She focuses on improving profitability and operational effectiveness through strategic contract integration.





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