• From Dana:

    "There are some things that we live with for so long that we fail to see they are a problem until they are gone. For me, that was the sexual trauma.
    My journey to deep healing and authentic empowerment was found in the most unlikely of places; the dungeon. My time as a submissive allowed me to learn what true surrender felt like, and to discover what it meant to no longer be affected by the past trauma because they had been released at a cellular level. That profound healing inspired me to become a Dominatrix, to discover what it meant to be fully present, to hold a space for another so powerfully that they could experience deep surrender and transformation. It also taught me how to let go of my judgements of myself and others.
    I saw that what I learned as a Dominatrix was sorely missing from my business and many of the businesses I would come to work with after that day. This is what my work is about! Getting you out of the self-doubt and into massive action - without pushing yourself to do it. To welcome the judgement that will come as you grow your business so that it fuels you instead of stopping you. For me, my work blends my dedication to my spiritual growth with my love of business and lifting others up! There has never been anything wrong with you, and it is easier and faster to have help to reach your goals. Let me know if I can ever help."


    Combining her 20+ years in the wellness and stress management fields along with her experience of building a 7-figure business, Dana is the leading authority at teaching her audiences health habits, mindset strategies and authentic presence so they can tap into their inner power, be top performers in their field.

    In all levels of your business, there are conversations that need to be had but are being avoided because it can be scary to confront other people. Without strong communication with your team and your customers and your vendors, simple misunderstandings add up. These can often lead to underhanded, non-value-added behaviors that detract from the growth of the business. As a result, sales are lost, productivity decreases and employee retention decreases.


    In this interactive and wild presentation, you will learn:

    • How to prepare before having the difficult conversation so you can increase your chances of creating win-win.
    • The keys to getting out of your own fears of the repercussions and backlash that could happen. 
    • Strategy to build a connection as a way to navigate the conversation with greater ease.

    Quick Facts:

    Dana is a 2-time #1 best-selling author, and a 2-time award-winning speaker.

    Dana’s commitment to living life in command of her feminine power and helping others connect with their Inner Dominatrix has made her a sought-after speaker and coach

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