• From Dean:


    "As a SVP and Creative Director for the most watched media company in the world, Comcast/NBCUniversal, I feel so fortunate to be at the forefront of some of the biggest entertainment projects with some of the world's biggest stars. On a daily basis I alternate between business meetings and directing TV spots with A list talent (Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson and many more). I've produced for CNN, HBO, Entertainment Tonight, E! News Daily, and Good Morning America. In 2016, at NBC I was the creative director for the launch of This Is Us. The trailer I produced went viral quickly amassing over 120 million views becoming the most watched TV show trailer in the history of Facebook. This Is Us continues to be the #1 show on television.

    "Before that, I helped catapult The Sound of Music Live into a ratings and social media bonanza. Over 65 million viewers tuned in to see the live event and ushered in the new era of record-breaking live TV musicals. And before all that, our marketing helped turn a little-known Dutch singing competition into the blockbuster known as The Voice. I have also created campaigns for America's Got Talent, SVU, The Golden Globes, World of Dance, Will & Grace, The Blacklist, Jesus Christ Superstar Live, The Wiz Live, Hairspray Live, Smash, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, Friday Night Lights, Fear Factor, Las Vegas, American Dreams, Heroes, The Biggest Loser, American Gladiators, The Weakest Link, Nashville Star, Deal or No Deal, Medium, The West Wing, ER, Frasier, Law & Order, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, Insight the Actor's Studio and Days of Our Lives.


    "Now I'm excited to share how you can create phenomenal growth for your business!"

    Regarded as one of the leading marketing experts in Hollywood, Dean McFlicker is a top-level TV executive and international keynote speaker.


    In Hollywood, he has done countless TV shows, music videos and international concerts with Tina Turner, Prince, Barry Manilow, Ray Charles, The Temptations, Kool and The Gang, The Pointer Sisters, Debbie Reynolds, and Carol Channing to name a few.

    At NBC, Dean is Senior Vice President and Creative Director of Live Events & Promotional Programming for the Original Production Entertainment Marketing Group.


    He is an award‐winning producer and director of countless campaigns for some of the most successful shows on television, including The Voice, This Is Us, and many many more.

    From Broadway to broadcasting, for nearly two decades Dean McFlicker has quietly been the force behind some of the entertainment industry's biggest successes. He doesn't just produce hits, he has a proven track record of creating phenomena. Now he'll show you how to translate techniques from film, TV and Broadway into practical business tools, using fascinating celebrity examples to help you find your ideal place in the rapidly evolving media landscape. For the first time Dean uses Hollywood story-telling techniques and marketing concepts to teach you:


    • How to create a movement around your business and product. 
    • You’ll learn fascinating tools to craft your own Hollywood-level marketing.
    • You’ll walk away knowing the 5 practical steps of how to create your own phenomenon.

    Quick Facts:

    Dean produces & directs NBC's primetime show launches, live events and original marketing. As part of the marketing and branding leadership team, Dean has helped NBC re-emerged as the #1 broadcast network in America.

    Dean's marketing impact extends across multiple platforms, including NBC, Bravo, E!, Syfy, Esquire, USA, Fandango, Hulu, Daily Candy, Oxygen, Telemundo, Universal Radio, Focus Features, AMC, Cinemark, Regal Conemas, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Musical.ly and Snap.

    He is the recipient of over 35 industry awards including the Time Warner Grant, the Tisch Scholarship, Promax World Gold, Cine Gold Awards and the Clio.

    He has choreographed on Broadway, taught private dance lessons to the stars and was an original cast member of the film Newsies.



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