• From Mike:

    "Let's start with my fancy schmancy resume: I have been blessed with over half a million readers of my books. I have keynoted at the world's biggest business events. I have built four multi-million-dollar companies and sold two of them: one to private equity and another to a Fortune 500. Nice stuff for a resume (and I am truly grateful), but those are just peak moments from decades of entrepreneurial struggles.

    During that time, I repeatedly fell victim to my own arrogance and ignorance. In addition to those successes, I have also: lost my house once, lost my entire fortune twice, launched ten failed businesses, and experienced years of depression. For nearly two decades I have lived a life of "entrepreneurial poverty" – where I was broke financially, emotionally and physically.

    I became a business author with a clear mission: Eradicate entrepreneurial poverty. I have devoted my life to fixing those struggles for you, for myself, and for every entrepreneur I have the privilege to connect with. Successful entrepreneurship is not easy, but it can be a whole lot simpler. That is what I am here to do with you, right now."

    The Pumpkin Plan is a powerful concept to creation an immersive experience not just for your clients, but also for vendors in your field!


    Mike will open with a keynote to introduce the concept first & then deep-dive with a small group into how to apply The Pumpkin Plan in his workshop!

    There is a big lesson to be learned from farmers. Not the everyday guys, but those county fair geeks who grow one-ton pumpkins. They hold the secret to explosive growth, and Mike will show you how their focused growth strategy applies directly to your business-branding, niching and cutting off useless growth. It’s your turn to grow an award winning, explosive company!


    Understand how to:

    • Identify and leverage your biggest natural strengths
    • Sow your seeds and sell, sell, sell!
    • Fire your small time, rotten clients
    • Weed out distractions (often mislabeled as “opportunities”
    • Nurture, protect and replicate your top clients

    Quick Facts:

    Mike launched three multi-million dollar companies before his 35th birthday & was awarded the NJ SBA's Young Entrepreneur of the Year when he was only 26.

    Mike is the author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (2008), The Pumpkin Plan (2012), and Profit First (2014) and these books have been translated in to over 10 different languages.

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    At the Grow Retreat, you'll have the opportunity to not just listen to Mike, but to mingle with him and make real connections. Ask questions & get answers specific to you!


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