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    Our speakers are carefully negotiated with so they hang out on-site as much as possible with travel schedules! With our limited access attendees, you'll get the chance to truly connect with the speakers, ask questions in intimate settings, and grow with them!

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  • “Amazing things we’re learning that you wouldn’t get anywhere else!”

    Joseph Regalado

    JFD Transport

    About Stephanie

    An accomplished speaker and business woman herself, Stephanie started her first business from scratch and walked away from her job in less than five months. She proceeded to build the largest and most active sales training practice in Central Texas before branching into full-scale business training. She's a two-time best selling author, a TED speaker, a Forbes 30 under 30 Nominee, and a powerful force in the business world!



    As the wizard-behind-the-curtain for the Grow Retreat, Stephanie personally vets and negotiates with all the speakers, then completes the final interview for all potential attendees to create the perfect environment to cultivate serious growth!

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  • About Anna

    Anna is an author, entrepreneur and radio show producer. She produces and co-hosts Black Belt Selling with Stephanie and also hosts her own award winning show: Sales Mastery.

    Anna has trained small businesses to major corporations (like Chick-Fil-A) and spoken internationally at the Women's Inspire Conference in Ireland.


    She is a third degree black belt and dedicates herself to teaching others to apply the same mindsets and skills that she has learned on her journey to martial arts Master!


    As Stephanie's second-in-command, Anna works closed to ensure the experience for our speakers and guests is as seamless as possible!

  • About Mike

    Mike is revolutionizing and simplifying how we create business success through his training and books.

    With an impressive pedigree of successes, and a powerhouse of energy, Mike will astound you with his down-to-earth, easy to understand approach to creating a clockwork business at GROW2019!

    Quick Facts:

    Mike launched three multi-million dollar companies before his 35th birthday & was awarded the NJ SBA's Young Entrepreneur of the Year when he was only 26.

    Mike is the author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (2008), The Pumpkin Plan (2012), and Profit First (2014) and these books have been translated in to over 10 different languages.

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  • About Matthew

    "Matthew built 5 multi-million dollar success stories, before he turned 30 years old!

    He has spoken and trained with some heavy hitters like Microsoft & Oracle in addition to the 3500+ small businesses he has impacted world-wide. He is the Rapid Growth Guy, who has worked with businesses of all sizes to quadruple profits within 6 months!

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  • About John

    As part of the team that put on one of the very first TEDx event and a speaker coach for 25+ top TEDx events, John is intimately familiar with how to communicate effectively and passionately and has since been called the "executive whisperer." John has made it his life's study to understand the neurobiology of communication and worked with some heavy hitters like the folks at NASA, Johnson & Johnson, Oracle, Volkswagen, Accenture, Boston Scientific, Coca-Cola, AirLiquide and IBM among many others to help top executives across the country communicate like the powerful leader they are!

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  • About Carl

    Carl grew three multi-million dollar businesses before he turned 40, created the world's farthest reaching business mentoring organization, and spent three years with Tony Robbins training his flagship Unleash The Power Within conference.

    Carl is a repeat #1 best selling author and has assisted the launch of more than 5000 businesses since 2002. He has been seen alongside the likes of Barbara Corcoran and Michael Gerber among a host of other key players.

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  • About John

    John Pyron is an international business and sales expert who has trained across 10 countries and has 27+ years of real world experience.

    He built a business from $0-$10million in annual sales during the largest economic crash since the Great Depression (2006-2009) and was recognized in the Sacramento Business Journal's Fastest Growing Companies list for that success. Since selling he has moved on to impact thousands of companies across the globe through his training & consulting.

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  • About Kate

    Kate has spent her professional life helping individuals and groups clarify and catalzye their dreams. Fueled by rabid curiosity, she has spent over 3 decades as a professional writer, 2 as a curriculum designer and now over a decade on visual thinking on a wide variety of subjects and disciplines. A lifetime of experience plus an MBA has filled her toolbox with fun and creative ways for individuals and groups to develop deep understanding and to bring their ideas to the world. For the past five years, Kate has been faciltiating the design and development of business development services centers across four regions of Ethiopia.

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  • About Darryl

    Darryl is a multiple-time best-selling author (endorsed by Dave Ramsey), a writer for Forbes.com and his company Pax Financial is considered one of the best places to work and one of the fastest growing companies in San Antonio.


    Darryl has been recognized in the San Antonio 40 under 40 top business people and breaks down financials in an easy-to-comprehend approach that will finally make business easy!

  • About Nigel

    Nigel Green has built a career in sales & marketing and works with companies eager to scale their sales teams.


    From 2012 to 2015 he served as Vice President of Sales at Foundations Recovery Network where he helped grow the business from $94M to $350M before selling it to Universal Health Services.


    He currently serves on the advisory board at Relode, a hyper-growth healthcare platform that has grown 300% in less than a year and in the past two years went from 35,000 users to nearly 200,000 and $1.3M to $11.6M potential rewards for 2018 through the power of high converting online sales funnels!

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