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    Hosted by Stephanie Scheller & Grow Disrupt

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    May 31st

    1:30pm - 3pm

    In the past we've held our masterminds at hyper exclusive locations including private multi-million dollar estates, brewery backrooms and ritzy condos & penthouses.


    Every time we have a massive list of potential attendees unable to join us and asking to be alerted next time!

    So this time, we're trying something different through an online format we've used exclusively for our paid Grow Group to make the mastermind accessible to a wider audience!


    There is no cost to attend this mastermind but our goal is to connect the highest level of business owners so we do have a screening process in place.

  • What is This?

    A handful of times a year, we give a select group of individuals the chance to experience what it's like to spend two days at the GROW Retreat, for free, at the Think & Grow Mastermind Events!

    Connect with Amazing People

    At our first event, we had 60 applicants for 15 slots. Our final selection of attendees included inventors, doctors, entrepreneurs and major game changers to create a unique MasterMind!

    Enjoy an Exclusive Location

    We believe that to be successful in business, you have to be a little bit different, so we find locations as unique as our attendees! We've used penthouses, gardens, and Dominion estates...who knows where we'll go next!

    Create Opportunities to Grow

    Bring your business challenges & tap into the power of the MasterMind to find solutions to empower growth!

    100% Free - Honestly!

    We spend our marketing dollars here rather than TV or Radio so you can experience what we're all about instead of just hear it!

    I loved, loved, LOVED this experience!! Did I say I loved it! I hope I am invited to additional events and will drop everything to attend. The connections I made and strategies I received were priceless. Great venue, fantastic participants, and most of all a FABULOUS Facilitator!!

    Anonymously Submitted by Attendee on 11/3/18 Feedback Form

  • What is a "MasterMind"?

    Great question! In his revolutionary book Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill spoke of the ability of three or more individuals working together to tap into a more powerful consciousness to design solutions to problems.


    We find that the ability to build off each other's different experiences & knowledge unearths greater ideas than could be designed alone or one-on-one! We'll structure the questions to ask yourself & your group to help uncover & resolve challenges in your business here and now!


    "I felt like I belonged in this group. I was reminded of the power of being around other entrepreneurs."

    Anonymously submitted via feedback form

  • How It Works

    We'll keep this simple!


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    Each person may apply once per date and the earlier you apply, the more seats we have to assign!


    Mark your calendar to GROW!

    If you're chosen (we'll let you know via email), mark your calendar & make sure you show up on time and ready to grow!

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    Note: We do NOT share your information or market random crap to this list! That's just not cool. If you're on this list, you're here for our value-added information & to be the first to know about these masterminds and the related Grow Retreat - we'll honor that!


    Please note that the Think & Grow Mastermind events are not the same as the Grow Retreat. Registration for Think & Grow is not the same as registering for The Grow Retreat and approval to attend Think & Grow does not negate the need for an interview if you would like to attend the Grow Retreat as well.

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