• January 16th & 17th 2020

    San Antonio, TX

    Unlike anything you've experienced before.

  • Create a business that immerses your employees, your vendors, your customers and even your entire industry.

  • Photo from Grow2019 of attendees engaged with speaker during a workshop

    What Is The Grow Retreat?

    The Grow Retreat is a one-of-a-kind, carefully-screened, 2-day retreat that occurs in San Antonio, TX in January.


    At the Grow Retreat, business leaders connect with experts and work together to lay plans to overcome challenges and create exponential growth!



    “It was an explosion of information in a very short time period with many excellent business ideas! Great way to start a new year.”


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  • What Makes the Grow Retreat Different?

    Carefully Screened

    All attendees are carefully interviewed to ensure the room is full of growth-oriented, abundance-minded business leaders!

    This is a small group of select individuals designed to maximize the mastermind results and they love it!

    Limited Availability

    There are only 100 seats total to attend Grow2020.

    At the end of Grow2019, 40% of the audience registered for the following year before the end of the event! This keeps the room small and intimate enough & connect with the other attendees & speakers!

    Access to Speakers

    We negotiate with all our speakers to ensure they hang around after speaking, at lunch and at happy hour so after you listen to them on stage, you get the chance to make a real connection with them in-person!

    Actual Content

    No BS, no pitches. Just real entrepreneurs who have made a real difference in the world providing you with real content, using real exercises so you can get real results!

  • “We had intimate access to phenomenal speakers with great content -- couldn't ask for more!”

    -Beth Schumacher

    “The caliber of the speakers are incredible”

    -Anonymous Feedback Form

    "Well worth the time to attend!"

    - Rick Martinez



    Attendance is by Invitation Only!

    If you don't have a personal invitation from one of our prior event attendees or Stephanie herself, you can request an interview for the chance to join us at Grow2020!



    “I’m here at the Grow Retreat because my goal is to help people find a better version of them to reach higher and further than they thought they should and [I do that] by surrounding myself with people who are like-minded and who are more intelligent and more successful than me and Stephanie put together a fantastic event filled with thought leaders, like-minded people.”


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