The legacy of Small Business Powerhouses taking the stage at the Grow Retreat continues with this year's speakers.






    Speaking at the Grow Retreat isn't for just anyone. Grow Disrupt is committed to bringing dynamic, inspiring, growth-minded entrepreneurs to the stage who are able to share the path they've taken to success with our attendees.


    Each potential speaker is compared to an "Ideal Speaker Outline" to determine if they're

    anywhere near the caliber that we want to bring to our attendees, and that's before they even sit down for the interview with Stephanie.

    To keep content new and applicable for all attendees, new and repeat Speakers are only ever booked for the Grow Retreat one time... Unless they prove so phenomenal that we just have to bring them back, which has happened.





    Mike Michalowicz

    Author of Profit First, Fix This Next, Clockwork, The Pumpkin Plan, and many more.

    Jeff Hoffman

    The Global Entrepreneur of Priceline.com and Ubid.com, co-author of Scale, Grammy Award-Winning Jazz Album Producer, and current Chairman at Global Entrepreneurship Network (supporting entrepreneurs in over 170 countries).

    Cindy Ashton

    Award-Winning TV Personality, Singer, Entertainer, Speaker, and Presentation Trainer.

    Dean McFlicker

    The producer behind many of Hollywood's biggest hits such as The Biggest Loser, Law and Order: SVU, MSNBC, and The Voice.

    Dana Pharant

    The former dominatrix who built a million dollar business without a single sales call.

    Jesse Cole

    The genius in a Yellow Tux behind the Savannah Banana's rise to fame and continually sold-out season tickets.

    Christina Daves

    The PR Guru who launched and taught others to launch incredibly successful PR campaigns, without any funds!

    Lou Diamond

    The Master Connector with a 25 year record as a top sales performer, keynote speaker, and performance mentor.

    Sonny Melendrez

    Perhaps one of the most awarded individuals in the state of Texas, Sonny's brand extends from the White House to the Jetsons and the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

    Want to See Speakers Like This?

    The Grow Retreat is an invitation-only event!


    This way we can ensure that the quality of attendees is upheld and protected. If you are interested in hearing speakers like this at the Grow Retreat in January 2022 and do not have an invitation from Stephanie directly, you can schedule an interview to discuss your business with one of our staff.



    To even get on the Grow Retreat radar, there are a few things that all speakers must have under their belts:

    • All Grow Retreat Speakers have successfully built thriving businesses, and more often than not, have built multiple companies from the ground up! No one gets on the stage if they can't put their money where their mouth is and prove that they have, and continue to, create the kind of connection and growth that we want Grow Retreat attendees to have.
    • All Grow Retreat Speakers bring something unique to the table, whether that is their approach to finance or their bright yellow Tuxedo and wildly successful marketing techniques.
    • All Grow Retreat Speakers must be available to stay on-site for as long as possible, to allow attendees the greatest opportunity to connect and ask questions of these super entrepreneurs.

      A Quick Note:

      While these are not all of the requirements for Grow Retreat Speakers, they are representative of the quality we look for in the people we bring to the stage at the Grow Retreat.



      Watch them in Action



      The Grow Retreat gives you more than an opportunity to just listen to this caliber of speakers.

      At Grow2022 you'll have the opportunity to mingle and make

      real connections with speakers and other like-minded attendees who have continually

      grown their businesses.


      This event is invitation only but we would love for you to apply for an invitation below!

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