Morning Sessions

    Open Networking:

    Mimosas & Tacos


    Event Kick-Off


    Stephanie Scheller:
    The Music of Connection


    Kelly Ruta:
    Enhancing Connection as a Leader




    Darrell Amy:
    Exponentially Expanding Sales, Marketing & Fulfillment Results



    Afternoon Sessions

    Rob Wicall:
    Connecting Through Brand Development


    Charmaine Hammond:
    Connecting to Enhance Your Network




    Surprise Guest:
    How Connection Makes 1 + 1 = 4


    Lou Diamond:
    Mastering The Art of Connection

    Happy Hour with the Speakers

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    *Day 2 has two sets of concurrently running workshops. Attendees may choose workshops from either track to attend as preferred.

    Morning Sessions

    Open Networking


    Event Kickoff


    TRACK 1: Charmaine Hammond

    Collaboration Makes The World Turn

    Everyone says that it’s not what you know, but who you know that makes or breaks your success. The truth is, the magic of human work appears inside of collaboration and the truly successful businesses allow that bit of magic to shine through in their marketing and networking. Charmaine is bringing the how-to of collaboration magic to this workshop, and you will leave with a To-Done list that scales your reach, highlights your connections, and monetizes the power of your network.


    TRACK 2: Darrell Amy

    Working Like a Well-Oiled Machine

    Entrepreneurs understand: the growth of the company depends on how well different departments work together, even if they are only composed of a few people. But a company that isn’t connected works inefficiently and often loses sales and leads to the gaps between departments. Darrell will walk you through bridging the gaps, so that your sales, marketing, and fulfillment departments communicate to create repeat customers and stop losing sales between departments.



    Afternoon Sessions

    Lou Diamond:*

    Connection is important to your business (In more ways than one!), but it doesn’t happen overnight. Like weightlifting requires hitting the gym, connecting requires practice and exercise. In this workshop, Lou will not only educate and empower you to understand what engages and connects your audience and team, but walk you through multiple exercises to stretch those connection muscles and enable you to become the Master Connector and leader you need to be in today’s competitive world.


    A Few of the Connecting Core Exercises from this Workshop:

    Connectworking WarmUp
    Stretching the Connecting Core Muscles
    Toning Your Empathy
    Achieving the ‘Fearless Mindset’
    Flexing Your ’Super Why’
    Disclaimer Warning: Each of these exercises may result in closing business faster, growing customer contracts, and making happier employees

    *Lou's workshop will be the only workshop run at this time of the day





    TRACK 1: Rob Wicall

    Creating Impactful Connections Through Authenticity - Why Impactful Connections Mean So Much

    Impactful brands (and therefore long-term sustainability for businesses) are built upon the authentic personality represented, and the connections made with potential customers. But one of the greatest struggles entrepreneurs encounter in marketing is identifying the disconnects between the intended brand, and the brand perceived by our audience, prospects, and clients. This workshop? Starting with the end in mind and working backward, Rob will take you through the steps to build a brand of connection through authenticity in order to produce long-term sustainability for your business growth.


    TRACK 2: Kelly Ruta

    Unlock the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

    Entrepreneurs invest hours of effort and energy in putting to rest the doubts, fears, and negative mental chatter that, unfortunately, is stirred up every time a new level of growth is achieved. Instead of working you through the fluffy vision board tactics used by most mindset experts, Kelly will teach you how to tap into your subconscious in five steps that will allow you to reprogram your upper limits every single time. The results of this workshop? You’ll receive the tools to navigate the mental blocks every time you hit a new growth-level with ease and speed.




    Stephanie Scheller

    Shifting Perspectives, Creating Growth


  • “When I’m looking for a workshop or a conference to attend,

    I’m looking for three separate things and

    the way they come together. I’m looking for application,

    inspiration, and connection with others of my tribe!

    That sweet spot right in the middle,

    that’s where [The Grow Retreat] is taking place!”

    Kate Hayward

    Speaker, Grow2019

  • Ready to Connect on a Deeper Level?

    You can apply for your seat to the event here!

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