• 2019 Agenda

    The upcoming Grow Retreat will take place January 9th and 10th, 2019


    “When I’m looking for a workshop or a conference to attend, I’m looking for three separate things and the way they come together. I’m looking for application, inspiration, and connection with others of my tribe! That sweet spot right in the middle, that’s where Grow2019 is taking place!”

    Kate Hayward

    Speaker Grow2019


    All our speakers and content are designed around fulfilling our theme: Eukairia!

    Please note speaker order and content may be subject to change as needed to accommodate speaker travel, unexpected circumstances, etc

    "I came to the Grow Retreat because I want to meet the most talented and most driven business people so they can motivate me and I can learn from them."

    - Jenia Espe

    Red Squared Consulting