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    When is this thing?

    We're kicking off Grow2019 on January 9th at 9am sharp! Doors open at 8:30 and we'll wrap up for the day around 6pm although we encourage you to stick around for happy-hour with the speakers and other attendees! The second day is January 10th, also starting at 9am and wrapping up by 6pm!

    This thing sounds awesome...

    So...how much are tickets?

    Pricing as of October 1st, 2018:

    Tickets are available either paid in full or on a three month installment plan


    Single Ticket - Paid in Full: $2500

    Single Ticket - Installment Plan: two payments of $1300 (total: $2600)

    Business Partners (2 tickets) - Paid In Full: $3500

    Business Partners (2 tickets) - Installment Plan: two payments of $1875 ($3750)



    "It's a phenomenal Investment!"

    Trevor Townsend

    Alamo Water Softeners


    So what all do I get for that price?

    We're not gonna lie, the connections you'll make alone are worth the price of admission!


    But in addition to that, you get:

    1) Access to the entire Grow Retreat agenda to learn from the actual movers and shakers of the business world!

    2) Lunch on both days so you can focus on your experience instead of where to go or parking (and connect with the speakers)!

    3) Happy hour drinks and appetizers on Day 1!


    Plus! We put together one ridiculous swag bag each year! Last year's bag included over $15,000 worth of giveaways from our speakers in books, handouts, workbooks, coupons, notepads, pens and just uber cool stuff!


    Preferred access to the Think & GROW Mastermind events (Learn More Here)



    Instant access to our monthly Grow Disrupt mastermind PLUS three months of mastermind access after the event itself because we want to help you actually implement this stuff, not just sit & forget!



    "Phenomenal Experience"

    Holly Windler

    Windler & Co

    Is this interview thing for real?

    We get it!


    There are a lot of businesses that might use this as some kind of tactic to try and make the event look exclusive, then accept literally everyone who applies! But we've done event this for a couple years, and we've learned something about what kind of person makes a good addition to the room, and how the wrong kind of person can REALLY bring the entire room down and stagnate the MasterMind experience.


    We limit the number of attendees to enable you to connect at a real level with the speakers and other guests and want to make sure that every single seat is filled with an valuable addition to the group, so yes, that was a long way of saying that the interview is for real!

    So who gets to attend this thing?

    The exact criteria we are looking for aren't published anywhere (what's the point of the interview then?), but we will admit that we are looking for strong businesses and growth-minded individuals who embrace an abundance mindset.


    We aren't here to compete, put each other down, or "sell" each other, we're here to help each other grow!

    So if that's you and that's who you want to be surrounded with, apply now!

    Where is this thing taking place?

    We are still working on pinning down one of the absolute coolest locations here in San Antonio! There has been a lot of red tape to go through with the city because this venue has never allowed an event like this to occur there, but we're getting closer and will announce it soon!

    Rest assured, it will be inside San Antonio, TX!

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