• How Our Events are Designed for ADHD Entrepreneurs

    We get it! It's a big claim...


    Here's SOME of the things we do that make our events especially impactful for ADHD entrepreneurs!

    Psychology-Based Reminders Leading Up

    Some of us need info WAY in advance...

    Some of us don't bother looking at the info until right before the event...even though it was nice to know we HAD it so we could shut that part of our brain off!


    So we send reminders and updates well in advance AND right before the event.


    These reminder emails are carefully designed to make them easy to read, and include psychology-based triggers to help make it easier for you to be on time for the killer opening that is designed to set the stage for the entire event!

    Speakers who pass RIGOROUS interviews

    Content is great...but frankly, our guests have heard a LOT of good stuff about how to grow their businesses. We're constantly looking for topics that haven't been rehashed from a hundred stages.


    Beyond that though, we're well aware that content isn't enough. Our speakers are performers who understand the art of pacing, delivery, and threading psychological triggers throughout their presentation to help create action from what they teach.


    Oh yeah, and we ban sales pitches at our events.

    They're just distracting for us!

    Carefully constructed room layouts

    This covers a LOT...and we aren't going to give away ALL our secrets...but as a glimpse...


    We're very intentional about how many chairs are allowed around each table, and where the tables are placed in the room.


    We have a unique way to manage speaker time limits that actually helps them stay focused on our guests rather than counting down with a clock!


    Our venues are selected with design and aesthetics in mind to provide mild and comforting mental stimulation throughout the event.

    An Agenda Built For You

    There are two things we do with our agendas that make them particularly perfect for those with ADHD.


    First, Stephanie constructs and agenda of speaker energy that ebbs and flows throughout the day so your brain has time to rest, and then re-energize!


    Second, all of our events are broken out into Ideation and Implementation where the speakers are actually walking our guests through implementation onsite so that when they get back to the office, they don't have to figure out where to start!

    Intentional & Careful Stimulation of Senses

    We are extremely intentional about how we stimulate the senses. From our venue selection (as referenced above) to our custom event scent that supports both grounding and focus, but boasts vibrant and energizing elements.


    We select food with intention from snacks to meals.


    We are in the midst of building custom Muzak (music crafted around triggering specific moods and modes) for all aspects of our events from networking to workshops.

    Fidget Fulfillment

    We make sure that there are plenty of ways to keep your fingers engaged throughout the event so your brain can focus!


    From fidget toys in the swag bags, to games on the tables, plus pens that are specially chosen because they will make your brain SING when you write with them! (No joke...these pens are a legit point of contention when spouses and colleagues try to steal them after the event!).

    The Interview Process

    It may just be us, but Stephanie has always struggled with basic, open networking. It's hard to know where to start, or how to build substantial relationships.


    That's one of many reasons why every guest must got through a careful interview process with Stephanie herself. No exceptions.


    We want you to know that everyone in the room is worth talking to and someone you'll love connecting with so you can come in curious to get to know them!

    Carefully Avoided Over-Stimulation

    We don't believe in running a long event to break you down.


    Where other events put as many people onstage as possible in hopes that someone will appeal to you and you'll get value out of it and, by default, end up running a LONG event, we carefully select who takes our stage. We know you'll get more value out of a handful of carefully selected speakers than a plethora of overwhelm.


    Plus this way, we can end before dinner and you can have the whole evening to rest and reset!

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