• Why Register Early?

    "I have never hosted an event with so much energy and positive connection and interaction."

    Sonny Melendrez - 2022 MC

    Best Pricing!

    It's a little crazy to think of registering for an event that is so far away! But in Thanks for trusting us to put together a spectacular experience that is worthy of our incredible attendees without even knowing what we'll do, we want to gift you the best price possible and create space for you to take advantage of early-bird pricing!

    Set Up 2022 AND 2023 For Success!

    We provide a slew of support for our Grow Retreat attendees! By registering now, you don't have to worry about it again, it's on your calendar so you know you'll be in the room, kicking off 2023 powerfully, AND you can plug into support options throughout 2022 through masterminds & ReConnects!

    Access Up to 14 Months of Masterminds

    We have hosted a monthly mastermind for our Grow Retreat attendees every month for five years! We start by discussing the topic of the month, sharing ideas and thoughts, then step into actual hotseat mastermind opportunities, so when you need an incredible level of focus to come up with ideas on solving your business challenges, it's there!

    Participate in Up to Three ReConnects!

    In 2021, we launched the ReConnects: a mini event designed to help our attendees reconnect with each other in-person once a quarter. But not just ANY event! We take our attendees out for picnics and hot air balloon rides, internationally acclaimed brunches, and yachting experiences!

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    If you already have a standing invitation, reach out to the person who invited you to connect you with Stephanie and get your ticket squared away!
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